The SCR888 Online Casino’s Bonuses | SCR888 Slot Game | Online Casino Malaysia

The SCR888 Online Casino’s Bonuses | SCR888 Slot Game | Online Casino Malaysia

SCR888 Online Casino

Nowadays, that’s a lot of the online casino gambling sites in the Malaysia. The SCR888 Online Casino is one of them. Although that’s many online casinos but they are offering the different casino games in their gambling sites. Some may offer slot games and some of them offer live table games or even sportsbook.

In the SCR888 casino, they are offering the slot games. Since the Malaysian casino players are more prefer to the slot games, the SCR888 casino had become the most famous online slot casino in the Malaysia. The SCR888 casino didn’t develop any slot games, but they are using the affiliate strategy to delivered the slot games from the developers, like the Playtech, Microgaming and so on. Those are the very famous slot game developers, which have much high popularity slot. And the SCR888 casino chooses some of the famous slot games and places into their gambling site. Which the players able to play those famous slot games in a site without switching to another one.

Since every online gambling is promoting the bonuses package to their casino players, so the SCR888 casino as well. The bonus of the online casino is the free credits for the online casino, it allows the casino players to have extra wagers when every time the deposit is made.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus also is known as t Signup bonus. It is the common bonus that every online casino will provide. This bonus just applies to the new member of the SCR888 casino player, and it allows the new member to redeem once with an ID. Normally the welcome bonus is the highest percentage of free credit award to the member. Some of the online casinos will award 200% to the member or lesser. But in the Malaysia, most of the online casinos are awarding 100% welcome bonus to their new member. Among all of the promotion, the welcome bonus is the highest free credit rate offer to the players.

Rescue Promotion

The rescue is the promotion that will save the player from losing the game. Its promotion is good for the players, those who always bet on games with a large number of the wager. Since every player will not always win the game, but the players able to find the way to reduce the lost and the rescue promotion is great to them.

Every casino will offer the different rates for each casino games. Normally, the SCR888 slot game will get 1% - 3% rescue from the total bet. For example, the player uses $300 wager into the SCR888 slot game but comes to end the player lost all of the wagers. Then the player able to redeem the rescue promotion from the online casino with $3 to $9 depends on the online casino given. With the little wager, it able to win from the slot game as well. The slot game winning odds are multiplying with a large percentage. Thru my experience, I spun with total $0.50 per game, and I won more than $100 in the Great Blue slot with SCR888 online casino.

So, don’t look down with the little rescue wager. If the long-term casino player redeems the rescue promotion and in the end, the player may have redeemed about $100 free credits from the online casino.

Other Bonuses

They will promote other bonuses as well. If that’s just welcome bonus, that will not be attracted too much of the players. So, every online casino will promote other bonuses that will no award too high. For example, daily bonus, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, birthday bonus and so on. The extra bonus is allowing the players to redeem every time deposit is made.


The bonuses from the SCR888 online casino are great to the players. The players no need to play more and able to get the extra free credits to enjoy the casino game. The player won’t get this type of service in the land-based casino, they will exchange with you that how much you pay to them. To redeem the bonus from the online casino, the player able to enjoy the casino games in the SCR888 longer or able to bet larger.

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