Baccarat Winning Strategies | Table Live Games | Online Casino Malaysia

Baccarat Winning Strategies | Table Live Games | Online Casino Malaysia


Baccarat is one of the type of table games. The baccarat is origin from the Italy to French since 1400’s. It is over hundred years’ history. The table games are including the Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and so on. But the Baccarat can be known as the most famous casino table game. In every land-based casino even the online casino is including the Baccarat games in the list, with different minimum betting limit. Baccarat is a great table game.

The baccarat is a table game play with the poker card. In the land-based casino, the house normally will use 6 to 8 desks of poker cards to hosting a round of baccarat. It is a game fight between Banker and Player, the higher points of total value will become the winning of a match. The highest value of baccarat is 9 values. The dealer will host the game and the gamblers allow to place bet only, in order to guess the Banker or Player will win or Tie.

Winning Tips of Baccarat

Although the people will say the baccarat is a game of chance, it is depending on the luck which will guess right or wrong. I only able to say it is true. As we won’t know the next match which hand will win the game, even the dealer won’t know which will win as well. Although the baccarat is a game of chance, but we are still able to use some strategy to win from the game.

Always Bet on Banker

Playing the baccarat game, the Banker’s house edge has the greatest rate between Player and Tie. The lower house edge, the better chance of winning game. In the baccarat game, the house edge of Banker is 1.06%; Player has 1.24%; and Tie has 14.36%. That mean the higher percentage of house edge, the house will have more advantage of winning the game and the player will lose.

While playing the baccarat, no matter in land-based casino or online casino, you always bet on the Banker. In the end, you will found yourself had won from the game. Since the Banker has lower house edge, the house will charge a 5% commission from the winners who bet on Banker Win. As the Banker is represented as house. If you had bet on Player or Tie win, and that’s not any commission charges.

Keep Increasing Bet until Win

This idea will sound like crazy, increasing the bet until you have win a match. But this strategy will guarantee you to win the money from the game. If you first bet is $5 and until finish this strategy, you will win $5 and had cover all of your loss. Let demo an example to explain more clearly, if the first bet lose is $5.

Once you had lost in your first match of $5, in the second match increase with double from your current bet become $10. If second had lost again, in the third match, increase the bet double from the current bet become $20. Continuous until win a match, and you will release you will win $5.

For example, 5+10+20 = $35. And you won in third match, the prize will be $40. Now use the current win deduct the total bet, $40 - $35 = $5. In conclude you are still win $5, if your first bet is $10 and in the end the winning bet is $10 as well.


The baccarat is the game of chance, but that’s still has the strategy to win from the game. Good in using those strategies, they will lead to win from the baccarat. Although the strategies not able to big win as long as they can help to win from the game of chance. If you are looking for a great platform to play Baccarat, try the best online casino in Malaysia, SCR888

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