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Play8oy Online Casino

Play8oy is one of the famous online casino in Malaysia market. The Play8oy online casino in the Malaysia, we also named as Playboy Casino. Playboy online casino’s game is super similar to the Club Sun City and Great Wall 99 online casino as three of this online casino software are designed by the IGS Online Gaming Company, it is a supplier company from the Taiwan. The logo of the Playboy online casino is designed with the three girl in the pink with the full black of background, it giving the young and clubbing perceive. Although it is a Taiwanese product but it available in the Southeast Asia countries, which including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. The games in the Playboy casino offers, are among the same in the land slot machine internet café, it only making online structure allow player to play conveniently.

The Games in Play8oy Online Casino

The games in the Playboy casino has two types of the video game, same to the video machine internet café. There are the video slot game and the player video game. The video games in Playboy casino is really unique but they only offer no more than 30 video games in the list and there are still many people playing with the software. But they generate all of the higher popularity video in the Playboy casino, like the Highway King slot game is one of the famous video slot in the slot machine internet café. The games in the Playboy casino is able to lead to big win most of the time.

First, the video slot game, the video slot games are the game that every men and women really like to play with, it is easy to play and sometime it can lead to big win. There are very less in choosing the slot game in Playboy casino, it didn’t more than 15 slot games in the list, for example it including Highway King JP, Robin Hood, Alice, God of Wealth, Three Kingdoms, Seasons Greeting, Fong Shen, Dolphin, Pirate, African Wildlife, Aladdin, Amazon Jungle, Laura and The Magician Plus. There are the games powered by the Playtech gaming and Real Time Gaming industries, and it is the higher popularity slot game in both of the gaming suppliers.

Next, the video player game, it has two options to play in the video play game which is single player mode and multiplayer mode. Its giving the different experience of betting in video game with other player in a machine or system. That will be a lot of fun when playing the multiplayer mode, as it can play with other player like you friends, and it is different play style with the slot games but it also placing bet before start betting and can get the jackpot prize.

That’s only one single additional feature in the multiplayer mode, that is timer feature. This feature will last about 30 in every multiplayer game in Playboy Casino, it uses to countdown and start the game accordingly which fair to every player while playing the game. Some of the player may think longer to place the bet and it will disrupt other player mood to play the game. In the single player mode, that’s no timer feature, the player able to use how long to placing their bet. The single player mode is same playing with the multiplayer mode, it only allows one player to access the game.
The game in the single player mode has Funky Monkey, Monkey Story Plus, Super Roulette and Animal Band. In the multiplayer mode it included Super Speed, Funky Monkey, Ocean King II, Monkey Story Plus, Monkey Story, Super Roulette, Animal Band, Super Sic Bo and Crazy Shark.


The games in Playboy casino can lead to the big win, as they generate all the best video game to the software. It is an interesting and stimulate online casino so far by providing the best quality of the graphic and game.

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