The SCR888 Online Casino’s Bonuses | SCR888 Slot Game | Online Casino Malaysia

    The SCR888 Online Casino’s Bonuses | SCR888 Slot Game | Online Casino Malaysia

    SCR888 Online Casino

    Nowadays, that’s a lot of the online casino gambling sites in the Malaysia. The SCR888 Online Casino is one of them. Although that’s many online casinos but they are offering the different casino games in their gambling sites. Some may offer slot games and some of them offer live table games or even sportsbook.

    In the SCR888 casino, they are offering the slot games. Since the Malaysian casino players are more prefer to the slot games, the SCR888 casino had become the most famous online slot casino in the Malaysia. The SCR888 casino didn’t develop any slot games, but they are using the affiliate strategy to delivered the slot games from the developers, like the Playtech, Microgaming and so on. Those are the very famous slot game developers, which have much high popularity slot. And the SCR888 casino chooses some of the famous slot games and places into their gambling site. Which the players able to play those famous slot games in a site without switching to another one.

    Since every online gambling is promoting the bonuses package to their casino players, so the SCR888 casino as well. The bonus of the online casino is the free credits for the online casino, it allows the casino players to have extra wagers when every time the deposit is made.

    Welcome Bonus

    The welcome bonus also is known as t Signup bonus. It is the common bonus that every online casino will provide. This bonus just applies to the new member of the SCR888 casino player, and it allows the new member to redeem once with an ID. Normally the welcome bonus is the highest percentage of free credit award to the member. Some of the online casinos will award 200% to the member or lesser. But in the Malaysia, most of the online casinos are awarding 100% welcome bonus to their new member. Among all of the promotion, the welcome bonus is the highest free credit rate offer to the players.

    Rescue Promotion

    The rescue is the promotion that will save the player from losing the game. Its promotion is good for the players, those who always bet on games with a large number of the wager. Since every player will not always win the game, but the players able to find the way to reduce the lost and the rescue promotion is great to them.

    Every casino will offer the different rates for each casino games. Normally, the SCR888 slot game will get 1% - 3% rescue from the total bet. For example, the player uses $300 wager into the SCR888 slot game but comes to end the player lost all of the wagers. Then the player able to redeem the rescue promotion from the online casino with $3 to $9 depends on the online casino given. With the little wager, it able to win from the slot game as well. The slot game winning odds are multiplying with a large percentage. Thru my experience, I spun with total $0.50 per game, and I won more than $100 in the Great Blue slot with SCR888 online casino.

    So, don’t look down with the little rescue wager. If the long-term casino player redeems the rescue promotion and in the end, the player may have redeemed about $100 free credits from the online casino.

    Other Bonuses

    They will promote other bonuses as well. If that’s just welcome bonus, that will not be attracted too much of the players. So, every online casino will promote other bonuses that will no award too high. For example, daily bonus, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, birthday bonus and so on. The extra bonus is allowing the players to redeem every time deposit is made.


    The bonuses from the SCR888 online casino are great to the players. The players no need to play more and able to get the extra free credits to enjoy the casino game. The player won’t get this type of service in the land-based casino, they will exchange with you that how much you pay to them. To redeem the bonus from the online casino, the player able to enjoy the casino games in the SCR888 longer or able to bet larger.

    Great Blue Slot Game | SCR888 Online Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

    Great Blue Slot Game | SCR888 Online Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

    SCR888 Online Casino

    SCR888 is an online casino which operating in the Asia market. SCR888 casino is providing the slot games, table games, and arcade games. Within these three types of the casino games, they having more than 100 choices of the casino games in their gambling site. Now, the SCR888 casino has become the most famous slots gambling site in the Malaysia. As the Malaysian players are more prefer to the slot games, and the slot games in the SCR888 casino are the famous ones and they occupied 70% of the SCR888’s game list, which has more choices of the slot games in SCR888 casino.

    Great Blue Slot Game

    The Great Blue is one of the most famous slot game in the SCR888 gambling site. The Great Blue slot is a slot contain 5 reel and 25 lines and it is designed by the Playtech Online Gaming Supplier. The Playtech is the world largest online casino gaming supplier, they having the slot games and the live table games as well. In the Great Blue slot, they didn’t have a great graphic but they having a great and relaxing sound effect. The SCR888 casino inserted the game into the gambling, is not about the graphic or something else, is it all about the best service of the slot which able to deliver to the players’ experience.

    In the SCR888 casino, they having many slot games which contain the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is an extra jackpot in the slot game which able to trigger randomly after the conclusion of any game. Sure, the Great Blue slot having the progressive jackpot as well. Some more the Great Blue of SCR888 casino is having a lot of the players, and the progressive jackpot’s prize pool will be generating rapidly.

    Diving to Meet the Great Blue

    The Great Blue is a slot design with the ocean theme with the killer whale as the main character of the slot. While meeting with the Great Blue, you will see the under ocean as the background of the slot with the bubble floating.

    When you come across the Great Blue slot, these are some ocean animals will appear in front of you. The Playtech using the fish, starfish, seahorse, sea turtle, shark, and the killer whale as the symbol of the Great Blue slot. Besides, they also used the traditional poker card to become additional of the symbol of the slot.

    In the Great Blue slot, they having two special symbols, wild symbol and scatter symbol. Both of them symbols are functioning the unique feature while playing the game. The wild symbol is referring to the killer whale and the scatter symbol is referring the sea shell.

    The Feature of Wild and Scatter Symbols

    The wild symbol is functioning to make the substitution with all of the symbols, except the scatter symbol. It makes the substitution in order to join a winning combination before the prizes are awarded. Once it had joined, the prizes will be given double. The Killer Whale also become the sign of jackpot, it can win up to 10,000 times. Besides, the wild symbol will appear in the grouping. If it has happened, it is able to win a super big prize.

    The scatter is offering the special winning odds than others do. The scatter wins are multiply by the total bet of the game and can win up to 500 times. Scatter wins a no need any combination as long as they appear two or more on the screen at the same time. If they appear three or above, the Great Blue will trigger Bonus Games.

    Bonus Games of Great Blue

    The Bonus Game is to trigger when three or more scatter symbols appear on the screen. It will award 8 free games with x2 multiplier. Next, you are able to pick 2 out of 5 shells to get the additional award. In the Bonus Game, you can win up to 33 free games or up to x15 multiplier. The games able to re-trigger when three or more scatters appear during Bonus Games and award additional 15 free games with the initial multiplier.


    The Great Blue is a great slot game in the SCR888 Online Casino. Some players are played to win the progressive jackpot and some of them are trying to trigger the grouped wild symbols. Both of that will lead the super big win during the game. SCR888 Online Casino also offers other types of the great slot game, but the Great Blue is the best slot among the SCR888 Slot Casino.

    Irish Luck Slot Game | SCR888 Online Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

    Irish Luck Slot Game | SCR888 Online Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

    SCR888 Online Casino

    The SCR888 is an online casino which is operating in the Malaysia. SCR888 casino having many years of experience servicing the casino games to the Malaysian players. In the SCR888 casino, they are providing the slot games, table games, and arcade games. Which having more than 100 choices of the online casino games in their gambling site. The slot games had occupied about 70% of the SCR888 games list, and most of them are famous and highly popularity.

    Irish Luck Slot Game

    The Irish Luck is one of the slot games in the SCR888, and one of the famous slot as well. Irish Luck is containing 5 reels and 30 lines slot in the SCR888 casino. Besides, it is famous as they are providing the progressive jackpot in the gameplay. Most of the popular slot games having the progressive jackpot and some special feature which provided to the players. The Irish Luck slot is designed with the Irish-themed which is the old culture of the Ireland in the Europe country. It is a wonderful culture of the Irish, they believe the four-leaf clover will bring the luck to them but the four-leaf clover is not that easy to found. The Irish Luck had found the four-leaf clover to you and play their game with more luck.

    A Vacation to Irish Luck

    That’s a lady of Irish will welcome to the Irish land when you enter the Irish Luck. Once you enter the Irish land, you will meet that lady with the background of the Irish Luck, there are the fresh air, green land, and the rainbow. When you come across Irish Luck slot, you will meet the leaf clover, rings, golden horseshoe, and the Guinness beer (the Irish national drink). They had become the symbols of the Irish Luck slot. There are the traditional poker card symbols as well, they are the 9, 10, J, Q, K and Ace.

    Nevertheless, in the Irish Luck slot, they having two higher value symbols. One is the wild symbol and another one is scatter symbol. The wild symbol is referring to the lady of Irish, and the scatter symbol is referring to the golden coin pot. As they are the higher value symbol of the game, sure they are functioning with some unique feature during game play.

    The Features of Wild and Scatter Symbols

    The wild symbol of Irish Luck is functioning to make the substitute with all symbols of Irish Luck, except the scatter symbol. Since the game win needs to awarded by a winning combination, the substitution by wild is to easily to join a winning combination before the prizes are awarded. Once there completely join a winning combination, the prize will be award double. And the wild symbols will stack on all reels, which the players have the chance for the wilds appear full of the screen. Last, the wild symbol also representing as the jackpot sign, with the prize of x50,000.

    The scatter symbol is offering the special winning odds for the winning. The scatter wins are multiple by the total bet of the game. The maximum multiplier can up to x500 times from the total bet. The scatter wins also able to trigger the bonus game – Gold Pots Bonus.

    Gold Pots Bonus

    When the screen appears three or more scatter symbols, the player will award 8 free games with x2 multiplier automatically once enter the bonus game. Before the game start, Irish Luck will allow the player to chooses two gold pots out of five. Each of the pots is containing the different prize, it can be the extra multiplier and/ or the extra number of free games.

    During the bonus games, the player able to win up to 33 free games or x15 multiplier. After that first session, the players will return to the main game to start the free game feature with those awards. The player able to re-trigger the bonus game during the Gold Pots Bonus with three or more scatter appear again, but the re-trigger feature will be given the additional free game with the initial multiplier.


    The Irish Luck is a great slot game in the SCR888 casino. During the gameplay, sometimes the wild symbol will appear in the group, once it happened and it is the Ultra Super Big Win. Take an imagine, it is a really big prize. Don’t miss the Irish Luck slot with the SCR888 Online Slot Casino.

    The Benefits of the Online Slot Games of SCR888 Online Casino

    The Benefits of the Online Slot Games of SCR888 Online Casino

    Online Slot Games

    The online slot game is one type of the casino games. The games were found the 1970s with the big machine and go to the online version which created at 1990s. The slot game had become one of the famous casino games, as the slot game is the casino game allows the player to win a super big prize if trigger the jackpot. The slot game is played with reels spinning and the prizes are given according to the symbols appear on the screen. The winning odds can be x1,000 x3,000 times or more than that.

    SCR888 Online Casino

    The SCR888 Online Casino is designed with a simple platform which allows the user experience the best friendly gambling site. Within the SCR888 casino, they offer the slot games, table games, and arcade games. Those casino games are inserted in a single platform. The main casino games of SCR888 casino are the slot games, the slot games had occupied about 70% of the total number games in SCR888 online casino. Although there are many online slot casinos out there, but some of them still rely on the SCR888 casino. Because the SCR888 casino is offering slightly higher payout percentage, and many famous slot games as well.

    These are many casino players like to play the slot game, is because they have the own great benefits deliver to the players. Just the SCR888 casino is offering the benefits better than other online casinos, so resulting in many players enjoy their games.

    Fake or Real Money Slot Games

    In the online slot games, you are able to enjoy with the fake money slot if you wish to. Since it is the online version, the internet had quite many slots which are played with the fake money. The fake money slot is no able to make the withdrawal from the online casino, it is the slot allows players to taste the feeling of the slot running.

    The real money slot is the online slot which requires the player to top up the credit into the game and enjoy. But when winning the games, the player is able to make the withdrawal from the online casino. If you like to play with real money, the SCR888 online casino may be the best choice of the online slot casino for you.

    Real Convenient

    There are two different slots, online slot, and slot machine. It is better to plan a time to play with the online slot rather than the slot machine. Play with the online slot, you are able to save those times which travel to the land casino for the slot machine, some more the cost of petrol as well. When using those cost exchange with the credit, then you will have more wager to play in the SCR888 slot casino.

    The home is the most comfort place in the world. Play the slot in the home rather than play with the slot machine at the outside of the home. Home is the best environment to play the casino games via online.

    Downloading Issue

    Some of the online casino games no require any download software, but some of them will do so. Since the online casino games are played via computer, tablet or smartphone. The SCR888 online casino is played via the smartphone only, so you have to download from the internet. It has a risk of downloading the software, but if go to the official site for the downloading and it will be safe. In order to play the SCR888 slot casino, you just have to download once, register once and can enjoy the slot long-term. When the software in your phone and you able to play the Online Casino Games anywhere and anytime.

    Rewards Offered by Online Casino Malaysia

    Rewards Offered by Online Casino Malaysia

    Online Casino Malaysia

    An online casino is a form of the online version of the casino, which the players able to enjoy the casino games through the online via the internet connection devices. The online casino was found by the United States in the 1990s. And slowly, online casino was operated in Malaysia around 2000s. From the early until now, there are more and more online gambling sites appear to surround in Malaysia. Each of the online gambling sites is providing almost all of the casino games into a gambling site, which brings a convenient advantage to the casino players.

    The online casino is famous in Malaysia, due to the Malaysia just have one land-based casino in the Genting Highland – Genting Resort Casinos. Some more the Genting Casino is offering the table games and slot machines, they having the limitation of games choices for the casino players. Which this point had beat by the online casino Malaysia. Through the online casino, they having various choices of the casino games. It has about 6 thousand choices of online slot games, which the player able to found the suitable ones.

    Since the online casino market of Malaysia is appearing more and more gambling sites, it has become more competitive. As the marketing purpose, the marketer had created the promotion of the online casino for their members. The only promotion of the online casino is the bonuses. The bonus is an extra credit of casino wallet. it is in order to attract the people convert to their member. The online casino in Malaysia, most of them are offering the similar bonus but the different extra rate.

    Welcome/ Signup Bonus

    The welcome bonus is the one and only promotion will offer the highest rate of credits. It is the most beneficial online casino promotion for the player to redeem. Other than this promotion, the casino agent will give the rate less than 30% apply into other promotion. The lowest rate of the welcome bonus offered by the casino agent is 100% or they offer more than that.

    The welcome bonus is available to those new members for the casino agent, and this bonus is able to redeem once. When the new member redeems the welcome bonus with $100 and the player able to get extra $100 and total credit of $200 for the online casino account. It is a valuable promotion to redeem so you can have more wager to placing the bet on online casino games.

    Loyalty Bonus

    This bonus is to attract the members to stay and remain with an online casino. This promotion is suitable for the players who want to stay on the site for long-term. This will carry the benefits to the loyalty casino players. For example, of loyalty bonus, the attendance of playing casino games with the site. When a player has made the deposit for the casino games for few times and able to redeem this promotion from the site.

    Monthly Bonus

    The monthly bonus is introduced due to the growing of competitive among of the online casinos. This is the way to keep the potential member stay and won’t switch to another online casino site. Normally, the online casino offers this promotion with a high rate of the credits. That’s why, people always said before playing the casino games, spend some time to do the research for a good casino.

    High Roller Bonus

    The high roller bonus is one of the great promotion in the online casino. To your information, the high rollers are the players who always wagering huge amount into the games. The gambling will not always win the game. For the insurance, the high roller promotion is suitable and able to save those players.


    Those promotions are offered by the online casino only, and the land-based casino will not provide those promotions to the player. That’s why the online casino games have become more popular in the Malaysia. Now everyone had played the online casino games. Have you? If you are still looking for the perfect online casino, do try out SCR888 for the massive rewards that they offer.

    How to Choose an Online Casino That is Right for You | Online Casino Malaysia

    How to Choose an Online Casino That is Right for You | Online Casino Malaysia

    Online Casino Malaysia

    There are countless online gambling sites in the Malaysia, that you can choose your favorite casino games. One of the most famous online casinos in Malaysia would include SCR888. However, each of the online casinos offers the different casino games, benefits of bonus and some on-going bonus to lure the people into their business. It is understandable one should be careful before register with an online casino and use your hard-earned money to make a deposit with them in order to get credits to start the games. But, how you able to know the online casino whether is suit for you? And what are the issues you wanted to consider? There are some hints will guide you from choosing a right online casino for you.

    Casino Games Offered

    It is about the casino games first. Every online gambling sites are providing the different types of the casino games. There are a lot of types of casino games, like slot games, table game, poker, sports betting and so on. Each of the online casinos will not provide all of the casino games in a gambling site, they have their unique casino game on the site. But the casino agent will no centralize all of the casino games in their business operation.

    If you are looking for the poker game, but only a few of the casino agents offer the poker game. If you found a good casino but didn’t provide the game you want and it will become pointless. First of all, you have to find the casino games you want that are offered by the gambling site.

    Looking for Positive Review

    The positive review by the members is the key of trusted. Most of the online casino Malaysia having the social media page for their official use. You are able to look from there. It is much more important to find a trustable online casino that you need to rely on them for the game. It is pointless when you won the prizes but unable to make the withdrawal from them. It has been many cases happened with the online casino industry in the Malaysia. It much is careful of the scammer of online casino sites.

    Customer Service Quality

    While playing the casino games, the agent must have a quality customer service support. It is great to have 24/7 and fast respond customer service team. Since the online casino games are able to play at anywhere anytime, once you want to play and credit finished. This time you will make the deposit again to enjoy the game. What if their customer service is slow, will this affect your mood to play the game?

    Besides, try to chat with their customer support team before play with their games. It is in order to understand their behavior of serving the member. Some of the online casinos will respond late or even didn’t respond to your request. This bad customer service online casino, you are able to throw them away from your list.

    Banking Option

    The online casinos in Malaysia are offering few options of the banking transaction for the both side. They offer the ATM cash deposit or online transfer, they won’t receive the cash directly with the member face to face. And the online casino will use the online transfer to your bank account directly, so you have to key in your bank detail clearly.

    In this situation, you have to consider whether that online casino is offering the same bank with you? So, it will make you more convenient while transaction. If the transaction between two different banks and the transaction will take longer. The online casino has to wait for the money transfer to their account only will make the process for your deposit.


    Although the bonus is good for the player while playing the game as they give the player to have more wagers. Especially the welcome bonus or sign up bonus, they will offer the highest bonus rate among all of the bonuses. But you have to beware of those bonuses. Although it is giving many free credits, but after that when you want to make the withdrawal it has the rolling rate which is high too. So, before you sign up with the online casino and read the terms and conditions of bonus. If it is suited for you then only redeem the bonus.


    Online casino games are interesting entertainment, which able to win the money like an investment. But all of the investment has the risk. Since the online casino is become hottest in the Malaysia, many people want to operate the gambling sites but some of them simply manage the service to the member. Bear in mind, before sign up with an online casino site, please use sometimes to do research for the gambling site which right for you.

    Baccarat Winning Strategies | Table Live Games | Online Casino Malaysia

    Baccarat Winning Strategies | Table Live Games | Online Casino Malaysia


    Baccarat is one of the type of table games. The baccarat is origin from the Italy to French since 1400’s. It is over hundred years’ history. The table games are including the Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and so on. But the Baccarat can be known as the most famous casino table game. In every land-based casino even the online casino is including the Baccarat games in the list, with different minimum betting limit. Baccarat is a great table game.

    The baccarat is a table game play with the poker card. In the land-based casino, the house normally will use 6 to 8 desks of poker cards to hosting a round of baccarat. It is a game fight between Banker and Player, the higher points of total value will become the winning of a match. The highest value of baccarat is 9 values. The dealer will host the game and the gamblers allow to place bet only, in order to guess the Banker or Player will win or Tie.

    Winning Tips of Baccarat

    Although the people will say the baccarat is a game of chance, it is depending on the luck which will guess right or wrong. I only able to say it is true. As we won’t know the next match which hand will win the game, even the dealer won’t know which will win as well. Although the baccarat is a game of chance, but we are still able to use some strategy to win from the game.

    Always Bet on Banker

    Playing the baccarat game, the Banker’s house edge has the greatest rate between Player and Tie. The lower house edge, the better chance of winning game. In the baccarat game, the house edge of Banker is 1.06%; Player has 1.24%; and Tie has 14.36%. That mean the higher percentage of house edge, the house will have more advantage of winning the game and the player will lose.

    While playing the baccarat, no matter in land-based casino or online casino, you always bet on the Banker. In the end, you will found yourself had won from the game. Since the Banker has lower house edge, the house will charge a 5% commission from the winners who bet on Banker Win. As the Banker is represented as house. If you had bet on Player or Tie win, and that’s not any commission charges.

    Keep Increasing Bet until Win

    This idea will sound like crazy, increasing the bet until you have win a match. But this strategy will guarantee you to win the money from the game. If you first bet is $5 and until finish this strategy, you will win $5 and had cover all of your loss. Let demo an example to explain more clearly, if the first bet lose is $5.

    Once you had lost in your first match of $5, in the second match increase with double from your current bet become $10. If second had lost again, in the third match, increase the bet double from the current bet become $20. Continuous until win a match, and you will release you will win $5.

    For example, 5+10+20 = $35. And you won in third match, the prize will be $40. Now use the current win deduct the total bet, $40 - $35 = $5. In conclude you are still win $5, if your first bet is $10 and in the end the winning bet is $10 as well.


    The baccarat is the game of chance, but that’s still has the strategy to win from the game. Good in using those strategies, they will lead to win from the baccarat. Although the strategies not able to big win as long as they can help to win from the game of chance. If you are looking for a great platform to play Baccarat, try the best online casino in Malaysia, SCR888